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Website developed for Roberts and Co Financial Planning of Penwortham, Preston
Website developed for Roberts and Co Financial Planning of Penwortham, Preston
EasierThan Website Design believe that a website can look good, whilst remaining functional.

Many website design companies concentrate on aesthetics rather than usability. They often produce websites that look great, but:

  • don't always work properly dependent on where a customer accesses them from
  • exclude potential customers because they lack accessibility or basic usability
  • require extra software to be installed on the customer's machine
  • don't help the customer find what they need
  • are gimmicky, but lack real content that would drive a customer to a sale (or to use the website further)

For example, consider how many people in the UK have failing eyesight of one form or another. Quite a few, if the proliferation of Specsavers is anything to go by.

Now, think about how many websites you've seen that feature very small writing and / or badly contrasted backgrounds to text. They may be very pretty, but is it good business sense to make them unusable for some visitors?

Practical Websites

The purpose of a website is to get your message across and to provide the visitor with enough clearly presented information to prompt an enquiry or further use of the site.

To ensure that happens, all EasierThan Website Design sites benefit from the following:

EasierThan customer ranked #1 in Google for a relevant search in their area
EasierThan customer ranked #1 in Google for a relevant search in their area

Quality Content

We don't use stock text copied and pasted from elsewhere on the internet. No matter what product or service you offer, we will interview you to create unique, good quality content for your website

This has two advantages. Firstly, Google and other search engines like rich, unique content and will reward your site with a better page ranking in search results.

Secondly, but no less important, your site will stand out to potential customers and reassure them of your suitability for their need.

Built-in SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the act of getting your website recognised and well-ranked in Google and other search engines.

As above, our focus is on end results and we include the cost of getting your website found within our initial quoted price. After all, if you want a website to generate enquiries, people have to know that it exists.

Where the market you're in is highly competitive, we also offer ongoing SEO Services.

Wide Compatibility

The EasierThan Website Design template has been tested to work on a wide range of platforms. Unlike many website designs, it displays equally well and can be navigated easily on PCs, Apple Macs, mobile phones, tablets, touch screens and even games consoles.

Rather than a fixed-width, it features a flexible layout which expands and contracts to fill whatever size screen the user has, meaning that it looks good at both high and low resolutions.

It has also been tested using a variety of different browsers, both modern and old, including: Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, Safari and more.

An example of our header, menu and footer free customer (and ink!) friendly printing
An example of our header, menu and footer free customer (and ink!) friendly printing

Customer Friendly Printing

All EasierThan Website Design websites feature customer friendly printing. Try it now by selecting "Print Preview" from your browser's menu to see the results.

Unlike many websites you'll have visited, we use a print style sheet which removes the banner, menus, footer and any unnecessary colour from print-outs, thus saving your customers money on printing and making your information clearer.

Accessible Web Design

From a moral standpoint and in line with the Disability Discrimination Act, we aim to ensure all our websites are usable by visitors with disabilities.

If you're unsure as to what this means or why it is important, please take a look at our Accessible Web Design page for more information.

Clear Signposting

Where a website has more than a couple of pages and / or has multiple levels of pages that branch off like the chapters in a book, clear signposting to tell the customer where they are is very important.

As can be seen on this site, the EasierThan Website Design design template includes:

  • Home Page Link - A link to the site's Home page on every page of the site so that a customer can always find their way back to the start.
  • Side Menu - A permanent side and / or top menu to allow visitors to navigate through a website easily and make it easier for search engines such as Google and Bing to index it.
  • Breadcrumb Trail - Named after the trail of breadcrumbs left by Hansel and Gretel in the popular fairytale, somewhere on the page, you'll see a series of links starting with the words "You are here". These links show your location on the site and allow you to move back to a previous level in the site's structure.
  • Page Title - As well as appearing in a bar directly above the content, the page title is also highlighted in the left menu to further reinforce the customer's location.
  • Contact Details - For a potential customer to get in touch, your contact details should be highly visible. We recommend having your address and telephone number on every page (including the printed version) so that they are always readily available.

For a bigger example of all of this in action, visit which has over 100 pages and up to three levels in some places.

Offputting Flash download screen encountered by customers who don't have it installed
Offputting Flash download screen encountered by customers who don't have it installed

No Additional Software

The best example of additional software is Flash, an aptly named tool used by website developers that allows them to easily create flashy looking animated introduction screens, banners, menus and adverts.

EasierThan Website Design does not believe in building websites that may require your potential customers to download additional software in order for them to work. Doing this runs the risk of alienating and losing your customer at the outset.

The only place we would advise the use of Flash or Java plug-ins is for specific features such as videos and games.

Although they can look great, if you are considering getting a website done wholly in Flash, please note the following:

  • There can be accessibility issues with Flash, particularly surrounding screen readers as used by the blind and partially sighted.
  • Your website will not have the widest possible compatibility as there will be some platforms on which your site cannot be accessed. Some mobile phones and tablets still don't run Flash websites properly.
  • Some users are simply put off if they have to download any new software to view a site.
  • Potential customers visiting your website via a computer at a college, library, church or other public area may not be allowed to download software.

Note that even You Tube which provides hundreds of thousands of videos via Flash doesn't use it for its menus and other content.

Custom Error Pages

Error pages appear if something goes wrong when a customer is accessing your site. The most common error and one which most people are familiar with is "Page Not Found (Error 404)". This is generally encountered when a customer types in a specific website address incorrectly or when Google (or any other search engine) indexes your site and then a page that they are linking to is moved or deleted.

A custom error page is one that is branded to look like your site and contains a user friendly message which directs the user back to your site. To view this website's custom 404 error visit:

When a site is hosted with us, we will include these at no extra cost. Where you would like us to host the site on your existing web-space, there may be a charge to liaise with your service provider.

If you are comparing us with another website design company we recommend that you print this page out and try some of the above with examples of their websites.

A Final Thought

If you still need some persuading that usability is much more important than aesthetics, take a look at four of the most successful websites ever created: Ebay, Google, Facebook and Wikipedia.

Our Approach

EasierThan Website Design offer Affordable Web Design with an emphasis on functionality, usability and most importantly, end results.

For more information about our approach to web development, visit our About Us page. Some Example Websites and Testimonials from a number of customers are also available.

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